Katerina Lemmel infrared reflectogram
Corine Schleif and Volker Schier wish to announce a publication
project. Their study "Katerina's Windows: Donation and Devotion, Art
and Music, as Heard and Seen in the Writings of a Birgittine Nun" has
been supported by an International Collaborative Research Grant
from the Getty Grant Program. The research centers on their 1998
(re-)discovery of sixty-two letters written by Katerina Lemmel, a
Nuremberg widow who entered the abbey of Maria Mai in 1516 and
rebuilt it using her own resources and the donations of her friends and
relatives. Katerina's letters provide glimpses into the material culture
of monastic life, views of a woman's struggles on behalf of other
women, and a close-up look at the interconnected workings of art,
music, liturgy, and literature. As micro history, the letters provide an
insider's insights into the spiritual economies and donation practices
that were later scorned by Protestant reformers. The writings also
offer an eye witness account of the social challenges that erupted in
violent clashes during the Revolution of 1525.
A first publication will consist of an English translation with extensive
analysis and commentary.
A critical German text edition together with essays by experts from
various fields is also planned.
Katerina´s Windows
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Musikwissenschaft, kunst, musik, cantus sororum, Ries, prozession, procession, kreuzgang, cloister, imhoff
"Wiewoll ich ein frauenpild pin, so wolt ich mir denoch mit der warheit nachlassen sagen, das ich unrechs
sagt oder schrib je ein gotwell mit meim wissen oder willen. Aber sy mein lecht, es sey ir nein mer den
mein ja. Das mus ich also gescheen lossen. Es gefelt lecht unsserm lieben Hern also, das es mir ein
wenig saur wer." Katerina Lemmel, 1517
-- from a letter to her cousin Hans V. Imhoff concerning business commitments that were not honored
Katerina Lemmel, detail, epitaph in the church
of St. Sebald, Nuremberg