BAGISAS - A Yafray Gui For Linux And Windows

Latest Version: v0.1.0 21.Jul.2003

By Wolfram 'Schlops' Kraus

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Bagisas is a free and open graphical user interface for Yafray. Yafray is a raytracer (Yet Another Free RAYtracer) released under the LGPL and very popular in the Blender user-community, because of the excellent blender to yafray export scripts Yable/ YableX. The format for yafray scenes is XML and therefore human-readable but not very well editable with a standard text editor (although possible). This is where Bagisas steps in: Bagisas allows you to quickly browse the complete XML-tree and easily change attributes of any element using a attribute/value-table. You can even render your file directly from Bagisas (thumbnail view included). Bagisas is developed with Python (PIL, wxPython & PyXML).

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Download & Installation

Windows Binaries [Sourcecode included]

Sourcecode [to use either with Linux or Windows]

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When I try to render a scene I only see a message "Start render" and nothing more happens.

This should only happen under windows. Please download the file and unzip it to your Bagisas directory.

I want to render either a yafray scene or a shader preview, but I get only an error message that complains about a non existing image?

You have to set the path to your yafray executable, see Installation above.

When I open a XML-file Bagisas gets locked up?

Relax! Bagisas needs to parse the XML and this may take some time, depending on how big your file is. If you want to speed up this process, use the include element of Yafray.

How do I set the colors in the shaderpanel?

Just click again on the button with the desired color property. If you want to set e.g. the color for "Spec" just click on "Spec", select your color from the colorchooser and click on "Spec" again. You will get a visual feedback, because the color of the correspondending button is set to your chosen color.

If I change the name of a shader, do I have to change the shader_name attribute of the objects using that shader?

If it is a per-face shader ("multitextured objects") you have to change the shader for every face, otherwise not. So the best solution is: Don't rename your shader!

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Treepanel Shaderpanel Lightpanel
The treepanel of the v0.0.2 Windows version. In v0.0.2 the treepanel was the only panel. [58K] The shaderpanel of the v0.0.4 Linux version with a rendered preview of the shader. Don't worry about the rendertime, my computer is very slow. [65K] The raw lightpanel of the v0.0.5 Linux version showing the settings for a volumetric spotlight. [25K]

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v0.1.0 21.Jul.2003 (“I Wanna Be Somebody”)

v0.0.6 26.Jun.2003 (“Shoplifter”)

v0.0.5 23.May.2003 (“Zombie Eaters”)

v0.0.4 28.Apr.2003 (“Mr.Bojangles”)

v0.0.3 27.Mar.2003 (“Sign Of The Wolf”):

v0.0.2 17.Mar.2003 (“See Dem Coming”)

v0.0.1 13.Mar.2003 (“King Kong Five”)

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to ray_theway. I lend some code from his Yafray GUI.

Special thanks to Stefano <S68> Selleri. I lend some code from his YaBleThumb script.

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Questions? Comments? Critiques? Improvements? Code Snippets? Send me a mail!

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