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x48: An emulator for the HP48 Scientific Pocket Calculator: screenshots

Here are some screenshots of both (the older and the newer) ROM versions. I like the HP48 very much, because

Here is an anekdote concerning "heavy duty quality": My physics professor at university owned (and probably still uses it) an older HP pocket calculator (not a HP48), and he used to have really dirty hands from all the colourful blackboard chalk... He couldn't wipe his hands everytime he typed into his HP, so this poor little machine drowned in dust... but it never ever foresaked its daily duty, not in more than 10 years! - Good work HP!

Front of HP48SX

This is the older model HP48S or HP48SX. I own a HP48S. I like the front of this model better, because the contrast between orange/blue is ways better than pink/green of the newer models (in my opinion/eyes). In the screenshots you do not realize that the difference is significant, but in reality you do.

Front of HP48GX

This is the newer model HP48G or HP48GX. It has more memory installed, a faster CPU and some other features I do not know exactly (some games preinstalled...? ;-). Please help me...

Screenshots created via:

xwd | xwdtopnm | pnmtopng -gamma .45 > HP48SX.png

As the file x48-0.4.0/README says at the end:
Have Fun.

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