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RWF on the balcony 2017-08-17
Me on the balcony ca. 2017-08-17T11:00, in the background neighbours garden, basic school on opposite side of the street.

RWF in elevator at SLES-12 training site
Me in the elevator ca. 2017-08-16T15:00, trying to to make a selfy in an elevator with mirrors. I told you that I am a bit into sewing: I wear a pair of Levis 501 black trousers (was my standard trousers, strait leg cut), which are a project of mine: a former Levis 501 changed to boot cut with insets to flare the lower leg, more tight upper leg, waist insets (because already bought too tight 15 years ago (W32L32, instead of W33L31 then; they came slim; I thought it would widen a bit as normal; now I need W31L32)). (Next project would be to mod them to low waist. A winter project...) You can see also my ever accompanying Rucksack.

RWF presenting birthday present for ex-boss
Me in our former office in Erlangen F80 (Erlangen, Frauenauracher Straße 80), still working for Siemens directly (ca. 2011), presenting a birthday nonsense-present for our former chefe (before Lutz Wenzel) that I tinkered on request of Jens Orlinsky, out of an old helmet, an electric motor ripped out from an old CD-ROM drive by a colleague, a set of batteries hidden under the "roof top", some glue, some wires, and a switch.
The post-it-note contains a non-complete collection of the department name changes we have gone through over the years (has been lost, given up to keep track).
The keyboard you see is a famous IBM Model M and one of my antiques, see de: IBM model M or en: IBM model M. I saved several of them from being thrown away. They are very rugged and heavy. And they work reliably since i.e. 1994. They have a loud key klick (actually being forbidden today, to prevent that colleagues in the office get a tinnitus): even if you did not press a button all the way down, when you hear the click, you know the computer got the character. The Harley-Davidson amongst keyboards. A keyboard for [not-yet-grown-up] men! ;-)

RWF presenting birthday present for ex-boss, background home on the horizon
Me in our former office in Erlangen F80 (Erlangen, Frauenauracher Straße 80), still working for Siemens directly (ca. 2011), presenting [...]. On the horizon could almost be seen my home: by biclycle only 15 minutes from decision to leave to Ctrl-Alt-Del.

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