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High-speed imaging links

Highspeed cameras

CMOS wafer and sensor
CAM 2000 CMOS APS sensor
with over 100 000 frames/sec

Evidently many high-speed camera systems use OEM materials of a couple of manufacturers. That's valid for film and CCD/CMOS systems. Especially in industrial digital high-speed camera systems the former PB-MV13 sensor of Photobit, owned by Micron and then at Aptina as MT9M413C36STC/M (and its successors), is a very common sight. It is easy to identify its specification behind the system descriptions. Also one can find the Fillfactory/Cypress Lupa 1300 and its successors (... -2). Perhaps may be also interesting - the CMOSIS CMV8000. Only a few companies are able to develop or get developed their own camera sensors.
By the way: often the companies offer a more or less broad mixture of systems and equipment - not just only either film or sensor cameras.

Here only an incomplete, non-exhausting and not representative, but maybe subjective list. Just one selection criterion has been whether some sample sequences or photos are shown. There is no validation of corresponding appliances related with, not in the least. Of course, one will find more, if one searches with »high-speed photography«, »high-speed camera« or comparable terms in the Internet.
Meanwhile some laboratory set-ups with appropriate image processing have already entered the trillion frames per second region.



High-speed photography


  • Sensor development, especially for high-speed cameras; examples: historical and present
    CSEM; Zurich, Switzerland

  • Edgerton Center at the MIT; examples: bursting balloon and many more; links to other sources
    Edgerton Center; Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

  • Explanations, tips and numerous examples (also other special shots)
    FOTOOPA; Netherlands

  • High-speed imaging; background information, descriptions of the experimental environments, sources, ... examples: bursting balloon and several more
    HIVIZ do-it-yourself high-speed photography and digital high-speed imaging of water drops (»splashes«) and other things often animated

  • High-speed imaging and background information, blog; numerous examples
    DIYPhotography.net, Photography and Studio Lighting by Udi Tirosh

  • High-speed imaging and background information; photos especially of insects in flight
    high-speed-nature.de from Jürgen Schmidt

  • Some example photos and a lot of info; also high-speed film cameras, stroboscopy and streak cameras by Professor (ret.) Andrew Davidhazy, Rochester Institute for Technology (RIT), especially see EXHIBITS and ARTICLES

  • High-speed imaging for use in schools; numerous examples, calculations and background information (especially with consumer high-speed cameras)
    Maximilian Michel am Institut für Didaktik der Physik Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, Germany [in German]

  • Interesting shots with destroyed light bulbs: Peter.Wienerroither.


Manufacturers and service providers

  • Digital high-speed photos, sequence and single shot cameras, manufacturer and distributor; examples: guns, pistols, revolvers, ... (partly animated)
    Kurzzeit.com, Werner Mehl, Schillingsfürst, Germany

  • Free photos (gallery) with short time and ultra short time exposure and descriptions of the experimental environments
    Phototrap, Lakeside, California, USA


High-speed film and video




  • Digital high-speed cameras; example: archery
    Beiter, Werner, Technische Kunststoffteile, Dauchingen, Germany

  • Digital high-speed imaging by Dr. Dave; numerous examples
    Colorado State University, Fort Collin, Colorado, USA

  • Digital high-speed imaging just for fun
    Mike's Electric Stuff, (Mike Harrison), Great Britain, but in pro style


Service providers

  • Industrial and other applications; numerous examples
    DEL Imaging Systems, Cheshire, Connecticut, USA

  • Long time recording and software
    GS Vitek Gelnhausen, Germany

  • Digital ultra high-speed imaging for science, defense and others; numerous examples
    Itronx Imaging Technologies, Westlake Village, California, USA

  • Shooting for scientific, industrial and advertising imaging; numerous high quality examples
    Science-Media, Andechs-Erling, Germany

  • Digital high-speed imaging for promotion films and scientific documentation works
    ScienceDocu, Vettweiss-Gladbach, Germany

  • Shooting for scientific, industrial and advertising imaging; Cinematography, production of commercials (advertising movies), image processing (»machine vision«), long time recording, streak cameras
    Slomotec, Schlüchtern, Germany

  • Digital high-speed cameras for imaging services for industrial applications
    viZaar, Albstadt, Germany


Manufacturers (often service providers, too)

High-Speed cameras
Four decades high-speed cameras


High-speed film cameras

  • Ultra high-speed cameras (singleshot, rotating mirror); numerous examples: bullet through a pane, explosions
    Cordin, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

  • Ultra high-speed drum camera and flashes (drum camera)
    High-Speed Photo-Systeme, Wedel, Germany

  • Equipment for high-speed imaging
    Visual Instrumentation Corporation (VIC), Lancaster, California, USA


CCD and CMOS high-speed cameras

  • Just as an example for fast cameras out of the image processing »machine vision« sector: the GC series with up to 200 frames/sec at VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixel and the Bonito with more than full HD resolution and ex Vosskühler cameras
    Allied Vision Technologies, Stadtroda, Germany

  • Industrial digital high-speed cameras; examples
    AOS, Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland

  • Industrial digital high-speed cameras; examples
    Baumer, Fauenfeld, Switzerland and worldwide

  • Digital low-cost high-speed camera; numerous examples
    Chronos Cameras (Kickstarter) from Kron Technologies, Canada

  • Distribution of simple high-speed cameras, frame grabbers and control software; examples
    Cosyco, Germering, Germany

  • Tesin, manufacturer of a »real time« high-speed cameras with stroboscope feature; examples
    Cyclocam, Sint-Denis-Westrem, Belgium

  • Better known as high-quality sensor manufacturer; but also offer complete cameras
    Teledyne Dalsa, Waterloo, Canada

  • Digital low-cost high-speed camera; numerous examples
    Edgertronic, San Francisco, California, USA

  • Portable, battery operated digital high-speed camera; selection guide
    Fastec Imaging Corporation, San Diego, California, USA

  • Digital high-speed cameras; numerous examples
    Fast Vision, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

  • Digital infrared high-speed cameras
    Flir Systems, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Digital ultra fast (streak) cameras
    Hamamatsu Photonics, Hamamatsu City, Japan

  • High-speed camera systems based on PCO and Mikrotron cameras (also former Weinberger cameras); examples: ballerina, bus crash
    HSVISION, Ettlingen, Germany

  • Industrial digital high-speed cameras; various interfaces incl. USB 3.0
    IDS, Obersulm, Germany

  • Industrial digital high-speed camera systems (»Flare«); various interfaces
    IO Industries, London, Ontario, Canada

  • Digital infrared normal and high-speed cameras and equipment
    IRcam, Erlangen, Germany

  • Industrial digital high-speed camera; examples (see link Applications)
    JC Labs, La Honda, California, USA

  • Industrial digital high-speed camera systems; (»high-speed microscope«); various examples
    Keyence, Itasca, Illinois, USA and others

  • Special lenses and intensifiers and know-how
    Lambert Instruments, Roden, The Netherlands

  • Ultra high-speed camera systems; examples: ignition in a motor, shooting with an airgun at a match under /products/cameras
    LaVision, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA and Göttingen, Germany

  • Special lenses and High Dynamic Range sensors
    Lensation, Karlsruhe, Germany

  • Industrial digital USB 3.0, GigE, ... high-speed camera distributor
    Matrix-Vision, Oppenweiler, Germany

  • Industrial digital CoaxPress high-speed camera distributor; examples
    Maxxvision, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Industrial digital high-speed cameras and systems; examples; nature, industry, military
    Megaspeed, Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada

  • Industrial digital high-speed camera systems and image processing systems; examples: bulb, glass of water
    Mikrotron, Eching, Germany

  • Industrial digital high-speed cameras; examples
    Optronis, Kehl, Germany

  • Industrial digital high-speed cameras with USB 3.0
    PCE Instruments, Meschede, Germany, Southampton, UK

  • Industrial digital high-speed cameras; examples
    Photonfocus AG, Lachen, Switzerland

  • Industrial portable digital high-speed camera with analogue input channels; examples
    Plexlogger (plextor.jp) from Shinano Kenshi, Ueda City, Japan

  • Ultra high-speed cameras and IR distributor
    Quantum Design (ex Lot-Oriel), Darmstadt, Germany

  • Digital ultra high-speed cameras (Fast Framing Camera) HPV-2 and HPV-X
    Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

  • Industrial digital (high-speed) cameras
    SVS-Vistek, Seefeld, Germany

  • Industrial digital (high-speed) cameras; including USB 3.0
    XIMEA, Münster, Deutschland


High-end manufacturers

Empiric »usual suspects« for professional high-end applications, especially in crash test applications

  • Digital and film based high-speed cameras (HYCAM, MotionXtra, Motion Pro X, ...); examples and History (age-old operating manuals)
    IDT/Redlake, Tallahassee, Florida, USA (former Roper, former Kodak MASD line)
    also service provider Imaging Solutions, Eningen unter Achalm, Germany

  • Industrial digital high-speed cameras (i-SPEED)
    iX Cameras (ex Olympus), Locks Hill, Essex, UK

  • Digital and tape based high-speed cameras (MEMRECAM, HotShot, ...); examples
    NAC Image Technologies, Tokyo, Japan

  • Scientific and industrial digital high-speed cameras; examples
    PCO, Kelheim, Germany

  • Digital high-speed cameras; long time recording; accessories, especially for airborne and military applications
    Photo-Sonics, Chatsworth, California, USA

  • Digital high-speed cameras (FASTCAM, Ultima APX, ...); examples
    Photron, San Diego, California, USA

  • Digital high-speed cameras (Phantom V and Miro series, ...); examples
    Vision Research, Wayne, New Jersey, USA

  • Digital and film based high-speed cameras, especially for crash tests (Stalex, SpeedCam, Visario, Mini-/MacroVis, ...); z.B. match (thank you Andrey)
    former Weinberger, Erlangen, Germany, Dietikon, Switzerland

  • Shooting for scientific, industrial and advertising imaging; numerous high quality examples, making-of
    Weisscam (HS-1, HS-2), Munich, Germany


Control and motion analysis software

Existing software for control and motion analysis of/with high-speed cameras

Motion tracker 2D-Analyze for high-speed cameras
Trajectory evaluation: translation, rotation,
velocity, acceleration and stick-figure animation


Slow motion cameras for consumers

For an insight and an overview just have a look at Aimed-Research, Ohio, USA

Some camera manufacturers in first place Casio or meanwhile GoPro and more and more mobile phones offer high-speed camera options. The limitations versus professional high-speed cameras, however, are not negligible. It is highly recommended not to be dazzled by shining maximum values (and the subtly not mentioned heavy reduced resolution and short recording duration). But nevertheless, it's fun.