Stamp want-list by countries

from Heino Sand, Mozartstr.67, D-91052 Erlangen, Germany

West Europe - East Europe
North America - Middle America - South America
North Africa - West Africa - Middle Africa - South Africa
West Asia - South Asia - South-East Asia - East Asia

What I offer:

used: Germany, DDR, Berlin (also by want-list)
(semipostals trade only to west european explicitely wants by Michel catalogue value) used: some Saar, Reich regular, Liechtenstein 1962-1982
used: Europe, US, Brazil (from 1995 on enough for want-lists)
used: worldwide
mint: Germany (1955-1969), Berlin (older)

What I want (used, only undamaged and clean stamps):

West Europe

Portugalby want-list, also: Acores and Madeira
Spainby want-list
Gibraltarall stamps
Andorraall stamps
Franceby want-list
Monacoall commemoratives
Belgiumby want-list
Netherlandsby want-list
Luxembourghby want-list
Great Britainby want-list
GB-Alderneyall stamps
GB-Jerseyby want-list
GB-Ilse Manby want-list
GB-Guernseyby want-list
Irelandby want-list
Islandby want-list
Denmarkby used and MNH want-list
Faroerby used and MNH want-list
Greenlandall stamps or by want-list
Norwayby used and MNH want-list
Swedenby used and MNH want-list
Finlandused and MNH by want-list
Aalandby used and MNH want-list
Austria usedby want-list
Austria mintby want-list
Switzerlandby want-list
Liechtensteinall comemoratives but not 1962-1984 or by want-list
Italyby want-list
San Marinoall stamps 1977-today, only in complete sentences or by want-list
Vaticanby want-list
Maltaby want-list
Greeceby want-list
Turkeyby want-list
Cyprus (Greek)all stamps
Cyprus (Turkey)by want-list
UN Vienna (S currency)all 1991-today
UN Geneve (Fr currency)all stamps

East Europe

Polandby want-list; all stamps 1992-today
Czechoslowakiaby want-list
Czech Republikall stamps 1993-today
Slowakiaall stamps (1938-1945; 1993-today)
Hungaryby want-list
Bulgariaby want-list
Romaniaby want-list
Yugoslaviaby want-list usedby want-list mint
Croatiaby want-list
Sloveniaby want-list
Serbiawant-list in preparation
Montenegrowant-list in preparation
Bosnia-Herzegowinaall stamps
Albaniaall stamps
Sovjet-Union usedby want-list
Sovjet-Union mintby want-list
Russiaall commemoratives
Estland/Eestiby want-list
Litauen/Lietuvaby want-list
Lettland/Latvijaby want-list
Ex-Sovjet Statesall stamps 1991-today


USAby want-list
Canadaby want-list
UN New York (c,$ currency)all stamps

Middle America


all commemoratives 1970-today
Nicaraguaall stamps till 1973, comms, 1974-1982 and 1991-today only complete sentences
Hondurasall stamps
Belizeall stamps
El Salavdorall commemoratives 1970-today
Panamaall stamps
Guatemalaall commemotarives til 1970, all stamps 1970-today
Costa Ricaall stamps 1970-today
Canal-Zoneall stamps
Haitiall stamps but bird-series
Cubano stamps
Dominicaall stamps (not 1994-1996)
small Islands (not Cuba)all stamps

South America

Columbiaall commemoratives 1985-today
Venezuelaall commemoratives 1980-today or by want-list
Peruall stamps 1970-today
Equadorall commemoratives 1970-today
Chileall commemoratives 1975-today
Argentiniaall commemoratives 1980-today
Brazilby want-list
Paraguaycomplete sets only
Boliviaall stamps 1970-today
Uruguayall commemoratives 1970-today
Guyanaall stamps till 1986, stamps 1991 only complete sentences
Surinamall stamps

North Africa

Egyptall commemoratives stamps
Tunesiaall commemoratives stamps
Lybiaall stamps
Algeriaall commemoratives stamps
Marocall commemoratives stamps
Saharaall stamps till 1992, 1998-today in complete sets
Tschadall stamps in complete sets only
Sudanall stamps

West Africa

Mauretaniaall stamps till 1974, 1989-today in complete sets only
Maliall stamps in complete sentences only
Fernando Pooall stamps
Nigercomplete sets only
Nigeriaall commemoratives stamps
Ghanaall commemoratives stamps
Guinea-Bissauall stamps till 1983 in complete sets, 1990-today in complete sets
Djiboutiall stamps till 1978, 1990-today in complete sets only
Dahomeyall stamps
Sierra Leonaall stamps
Ivory Coastall stamps till 1980, 1990-today in complete sets only
Togoall stamps till 1975, 1975-today only in complete sets
Beninall stamps till 1995, 1998-today in complete sets only
Liberiaall stamps till 1970, 1980-today only in complete sets
Upper Voltecomlete sets only
Burkina Fasocomlete sets only
Gabunall stamps
Senegalall stamps
Gambiaall stamps
Cabo Verdeall stamps

Middle Africa

Congoall stamps till 1975, 1997-today only in complete sets
Camerounall stamps
Guinea Equitoralno stamps
Zambiaall stamps
Equatorial Africaall stamps
Occidental Africaall stamps
Central Africaall stamps till 1975, 1986-today in complete sentences only
Angolaall stamps
Zaireall stamps
East Africaby want-list
Ugandaall stamps
Kenyaall commemoratives stamps
Ruandaall stamps till 1965 and 1977-today
Burundiall stamps
Ethopiaall stamps
Eritreaall stamps
Somaliaall stamps
Tansaniaall stamps till 1984, 1998 till today in complete sets
St.Tome and Princeall stamps till 1978, all stamps 1985 and 1991-today in complete sets only

South Africa

Gold Coastall stamps
Mosambiqueall stamps
Namibiaall stamps
SWAall commemoratives stamps
Zimbabweall stamps
Rhodesiaall commemoratives stamps
(Malgache, Malagasy)
all stamps till 1990, 1995-today in complete sets
South Africaby want-list
Comoresall stamps
Lesothoall stamps
Basutolandall stamps
Swasilandall stamps
Cap of Good Hopeall stamps
Transvaalall stamps
Boputatswanaall stamps
Botswanaall stamps
Transkeiall stamps
Ciskeiall stamps
Mauritiusall stamps
Malawiall stamps

Near East/ West Asia

Palestineall commemoratives stamps
Israelby want-list
Jordaniaall commemoratives stamps
Libanonall commemoratives stamps
Syriaall stamps
Iranall commemoratives stamps
Irakall commemoratives stamps
Kuwaitall stamps
United Arabic Emiratesall stamps 1973-today
single Emirates (Ajman, Manama, Dubai, Ras-al-Chaima, Fujeira...)no stamps
Omanall stamps
Qatarall stamps
Yemenall stamps 1974-today

South Asia

Afghanistanall stamps in complete sentences only
Indiaby want-list
Ceylonby want list
Sri Lankaall stamps 1978-today
Nepalall stamps
Birma/Burmaall stamps
Pakistanall commemorative stamps
Maledivesall stamps
Seychellesall stamps
Bangladeshall stamps
Nederland's Indieall stamps

South-East Asia

Loasall stamps till 1981, 1997-today in complete sets only
Cambodgeall stamps till 1982, 1996-today in complete sets only
Vietnamno stamps
Thailandall commemoratives stamps
Siamall stamps
Bhutanall stamps
Malayaall commemoratives stamps
Nederlands Indiaall commemoratives stamps
Bruneiall stamps
Borneaall stamps
Papua New Guineaall stamps
Indonesiaall commemoratives stamps
Malaysiaall commemoratives stamps
Hongkongall commemoratives stamps
Singaporeall commemoratives stamps
Philipinesall stamps 1970-1980, all 1980-today in complete sets only

East Asia

China (Rep.)all stamps till 1990 and 1999-today
Taiwanall commemoratives stamps
North Koreaall stamps till 1973, 1992-today in complete sets only
South Koreaall commemoratives stamps
Japanby want-list
Mongoliacomplete sentences only


Australiaby want-list
New Zealandby want-list
small Islandsall stamps