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Adair, Cherry Kiss and Tell 12/00
Andersen, Susan Getting Lucky 03/03
  All Shook Up 8/01
  Baby, Don't Go 10/01
  Baby, I'm Yours 2/01
  Be my Baby 2/01
  Exposure 4/01
  Head over Heels 2/02
  Obsessed 1/02
Ashford, Jane The Marriage Wager 5/99
  The Bargain 5/99
  Bride to Be 3/00
Ashworth, Adele My Darling Caroline 4/01
Baird Jones, Pauline The Last Enemy 9/00
Barton, Beverly Navajo's Woman 4/01
  Lone Wolfe's Lady 4/01
Balogh, Mary A Summer to Remember 03/03
  Irresistible 12/98
  Slightly Married 6/03
  Slightly Scandalous 6/03
  Slightly Tempted 1/04
  Slightly Wicked 6/03
  The Famous Heroine 12/98
Bevarly, Elizabeth My Man Pendleton 12/02
  First Come Love 12/02
  The Temptation of Rory Monahan 12/02
  The Secret Life of Connor Monahan 12/02
  That Boss of Mine 12/02
Beverley, Jo Forbidden Magic 1/02
  Devilish 2/02
Bond, Stephanie Too Hot to Sleep 7/00
Brandt, Beverly True North 6/02
Brockmann, Suzanne Heart Throb 10/02
  Hero under Cover 2/01
  The Unsung Hero 12/00
  Undercover Princess 2/01
Brockway, Connie Bridal Favors 7/02
  The Bridal Season 8/01
  McClairen's Isle - The Passionate One 6/01
  McClairen's Isle - The Reckless One 6/01
  McClairen's Isle - The Ravishing One 6/01
Cabot, Patricia Educating Caroline 12/02
  Lady of Skye 12/02
Camp, Candace Impetuous 8/99
  Suddenly 11/99
  A Stolen Heart 3/00
Carlyle, Liz Beauty like the Night 12/03
  The Devil you know 12/03
Carmichael, Emily The Good, the Bad and the Sexy 10/02
Carrington, Tori Skin Deep 12/02
Castle, Jayne After Dark 12/00
Cates, Kimberly Lily Fair 7/00
Coughlin, Patricia The Cupcake Queen 6/02
  Merely Married 10/01
Crusie, Jennifer Faking it 10/02
  Anyone But You 2/01
  Charlie All Night 2/01
  Fast Women 6/01
  Manhunting 12/00
  Strange Bedpersons 2/01
  The Cinderella Deal 4/01
  What The Lady Wants 2/01
Cullman, Heather For all Eternity 2/99
Dare, Justine High Stakes 6/02
Davis, Justine A Whole Lot of Love 4/00
Davidson, Carolyn A Convenient Wife 11/01
Deveraux, Jude Temptation 8/01
  High Tide 9/00
Dodd, Christina Just the Way You Are 8/03
Donelly, Shannon Under The Kissing Bough 11/01
Duncan, Judith If Wishes Were Horses 1/02
  The Renegade And The Heiress 1/02
Feather, Jane The Accidental Bride 2/00
Freethy, Barbara Love Will Find A Way 6/02
Gardner, Darlene The Misconception 10/02
Garwood, Julie Killjoy 10/02
  The Lyon's Lady 1/02
  Mercy 2/02
Gibson, Rachel See Jane Score 03/03
  Lola Carlyle Reveals It All 6/02
  True Confessions 10/01
  Truly Madly Yours 10/01
  Simply Irresistible 4/01
  It must be Love 4/01
Goodman, Jo All I ever needed 12/03
  More Than You Wished 10/01
  More Than You Know 11/01
Glenn, Dorothy The Hellraiser  
Hale, Deborah The Bonny Bride 3/00
  Whitefeather's Woman 10/01
Hatcher, Robin Lee Patterns of Love  
Heath, Lorraine Texas Glory 1/99
  Texas Splendor 1/99
Hill, Sandra Desperado 6/00
  The Love Potion 6/00
Howard, Linda Dying To Please 6/02
  Open Season 8/01
  Mr. Perfect 9/00
  Diamond Bay 6/00
  White Lies 6/00
  Midnight Rainbow 7/00
  All the Queen's Men 8/00
  Duncan's Bride 8/00
  Come lie with me 8/00
  Now you see her 6/00
  Sarah's Child 7/00
  Almost Forever 7/00
  Mackenzie's Mountain 3/00
  Mackenzie's Mission 7/00
  Mackenzie's Pleasure 4/00
  Mackenzie's Magic 8/00
  Game of Chance 8/00
  Heart of Fire 4/00
  Lady of the West 8/00
  The Touch of Fire 7/00
  Angel Creek 8/00
Hunter, Madeline By Design 10/01
  By Arrangement 10/01
Huntingdon, Kate The Captain's Courtship 3/00
Ireland, Liz The Outlaw's Bride 3/00
Jeffries, Sabrina After The Abduction 7/02
  A Notorious Love 6/02
  A Dangerous Love 6/02
  The Pirate Lord 2/99
  The Dangerous Lord 6/00
Jensen, Trish Stuck With You 10/01
Jones, Linda Into The Woods 4/01
  Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed 10/01
  Big Bad Wolf 10/01
Joy, Dara Ritual of Proof 01/02
  High Energy 11/99
  Tonight or never 11/99
  Knight of a Trillion Stars 11/99
  Rejar 11/99
  Mine to take 11/99
Kantra, Virginia The Passion of Patrick McNeill 1/02
Kauffman, Donna Carried Away 6/02
  The Royal Hunter 6/02
Kelly, Carla The Wedding Journey 12/02
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Fantasy Lover 8/03
  Night Embrace 8/03
Kingsley, Katherine Once upon a dream 9/99
Kinsale, Laura Flowers In The Storm 6/01
Kinsella, Sophie Shopaholic Abroad 1/02
Kleypas, Lisa Suddenly You 8/01
  Lady Sophia's Lover 8/03
  Worth Any Price 8/03
Krentz, Jayne Ann Smoke in Mirrors 01/02
  A Coral Kiss 9/98
  Gift of Gold / Gift of Fire  
  Hidden Talents  
  Full Bloom  
  Grand Passion 1/99
  The Family Way 9/99
  Soft Focus 4/00
  Eclipse Bay 7/00
  Dawn At Eclipse Bay 6/01
  Lost & Found 6/01
  Light in Shadow 8/03
Kurland, Lynn The Very Thought Of You 11/01
  Another Chance to Dream 6/02
  From This Moment On 8/03
Landis, Jill Marie Glass Beach 6/02
Laurens, Stephanie On A Wild Night 6/02
  All About Love 4/01
  Scandal's Bride 2/01
Layton, Edith To Wed A Stranger 03/03
Lindsey, Johanna Heart of A Warrior 6/01
  Home For The Holidays 12/00
Lowell, Elizabeth Beautiful Dreamer 01/02
  Moving Target 6/01
  Fever 4/01
  Chain Lightning 2/01
  Dark Fire 2/01
  Granite man  
MacGregor, Kinley Born in Sin 03/03
  A Pirate of Her Own 10/02
Maxwell, Cathy The Marriage Contract 4/01
  When Dreams Come True 11/01
McReynolds, Glenna River of Eden 6/02
Medeiros, Teresa Breath of Magic 6/00
  The Bride and the Beast 7/00
  One Night of Scandal 8/03
Michaels, Kasey Can't take my eyes off of you 4/00
Morgan, Raye A Little Moonlightning 10/02
O'Reilly, Kathleen Just Kiss Me 10/02
Osborne. Maggie I Do, I Do, I Do 4/01
Phillips, Susan E. Breathing Room 6/02
  Just Imagine 10/01
  This Heart of Mine 2/01
  Dream a little dream  
  Heaven, Texas  
  Fancy Pants 2/99
  Lady be Good 2/99
  First Lady 3/00
  It had to be you 3/00
Potter, Patricia Between the Thunder 8/00
  Chase the Thunder 8/00
  The Marshal and the Heiress  
  The Scotsman wore Spurs  
Putney, Mary Jo The Wild Child 7/00
  The Burning Point 6/00
  The Rake 1/99
  One Perfect Rose 2/99
Quick, Amanda With this Ring 3/99
  I Thee Wed 3/00
  Wicked Widow 6/00
Quinn, Julia To Catch An Heiress 12/00
Quinn, Tara Taylor The Sheriff of Shleter Valley 12/02
Rice, Patricia Merely Magic 6/00
  Must Be Magic 7/02
  The Trouble with Magic 8/03
Robards, Karen To Trust A Stranger 2/02
Roberts, Nora Dance Upon The Air 6/01
Schroeder, Martha A Merry Little Christmas 12/02
Small, Bertrice Rosamund 6/03
Smythe, Sheridon A Perfect Fit 2/01
Smith, Deborah A Place To Call Home 10/01
Stuart, Anne Lady Fortune 3/00
Tarr, Hope Tempting 10/02
Thomas, Jodi Two Texas' Hearts  
  To Kiss a Texan 2/00
  To Wed in Texas 2/00
  The Texan's Wager 12/02
Thompson, Vickie Lewis Pure Temptation 8/99
  The Nights Before Christmas 1/02
Turner, Linda Never Been Kissed 8/01
Wilson, Gayle Lady Sarah's Son 3/00
  Anne's Perfect Husband 4/01
  Raven's Vow 4/01
Wolf, Joan Royal Bride 4/01
  Someday Soon 9/00
  The Gamble 11/99
  Golden Girl 11/99
  The Arrangement 4/00
Woods, Sherryl Along Came Trouble 12/02


Ich? Amerikanische Liebesromane im Original lesen? Das hätte ich mir vor einem kanppen Jahr auch nicht träumen lassen - aber inzwischen klappt das prima und macht wirklich Spaß - und lernen kann man dabei auch noch. Deshalb habe ich einige empfehlenswerte Bücher hier aufgelistet. Zu Anfang braucht man zwar ein gutes Lexikon, aber bald kommt man schon ohne aus.

Erste Bestellmöglichkeit: man bestellt die Bücher bei Amazon-Deutschland oder buecher.de - dort sind die Bücher in der Regel sogar billiger als die deutschen Ausgaben! Also nur Mut, das Angebot ist überwältigend.

Zweite Bestellmöglichkeit: die sog. UBS, Used Book Stores, in den USA. Die Bücher kosten dort ca. die Hälfte des normalen Verkaufspreises und man kann auch Bücher erstehen, die normalerweise bereits vergriffen sind. Als am empfehlenswertesten hat sich "A Romance Haven" erwiesen, bei denen man freundlich bedient wird, die über eine riesige Auswahl verfügen und ausgesprochen faire Lieferbedingungen für den internationalen Versand haben. Man braucht nur eine Kreditkarte (Visa, American Express oder Mastercard) - damit das Bezahlen einfach geht - und einen festen Willen, dem Kaufrausch zu widerstehen.

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